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Pam Rundle

Heidi captures the essence of the dog when she takes her photographs, I have a lovely photo of my 3 gorgeous girls done by her. Beautiful work.


Nicola Thomas

A lovely friend of mine chose one of Heidi's beautiful photos which was printed onto a blanket. It's a wonderful present & I will treasure it. Heidi shows the love she has in her heart for this wonderful breed in every creation she makes.Thank you so much


Sarah Zervos

Wonderful shopping tote. Large enough to fit essentials yet folds small enough to fit in a handbag. Beautifully made, very comfortable handles for carrying or putting on your shoulder. Gorgeous photography of a fabulous breed of dog - I have 2. Highly recommend a purchase. 😊😊😊


Bob Priest

Craftsmanship is a prerequisite for any competent artist; as is use of color, balance, and composition. Nuance comes into play and understanding how the subject will relate. However to move beyond this, to the next level requires consistency – over and over again. An artist must show a capability of performing on stage with the same talent night after night without missing a beat – the same with the use of oil paint, watercolor, or film. This is what great artists do, yet to move into the realm of exceptional beyond the noteworthy requires something else. It demands that rare essence which touches the soul of the subject, then moves to the audience, all in equilibrium with symmetry and poise. Yet there is still something more, something Heidi Anne Morris demonstrates beyond what most artists capture or understand. Her work envelopes and moves the audience in and out of the subject so the experience is what the Greeks called “synergos”, which means “to work together” or “to cooperate” not as separates, but establishing a new perception by the two coming together to create a third dimension of appreciation – involvement - art. This is what exceptionalism is, this is what Heidi Anne Morris achieves; a third element between subject and viewer.


Michele Polzer

I absolutely love my spinone phone case. Excellent quality.


Su Ann Lim

I came across Heidi's work in the early days of G+ and was instantly captivated by the refreshing uniqueness, beauty, innovativeness and excitement of her work. Because Heidi posts her work generously there, I have been blessed by a continuous window to the art she creates with the benefit of accompanying personal insights! Heidi has the technical prowess of a very experienced artist but her works also reflect that special ability of seeing from the heart, which in my opinion, is why many of Heidi's works are so moving or evoke emotions within us. I'd love to have the opportunity to view Heidi's photography in the best galleries but, in the meantime, thank you Heidi for making your art accessible for us to enjoy in our homes. My home, my life is enriched daily by some of the images where you captured exuberance and happiness. - Su Ann Lim, Vancouver, BC, Canada


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